We live, act and satisfy our own needs – we are completely preoccupied with the daily routine.
Only contemplation in solitude that everything is temporary helps us to reconsider our values and pushes us to further action.
My message – existence is temporary – serves as a reminder of this.

ვინ ხარ? Who are you?

Untitled-1ვინ ხარ? Who are you?

Mockumentary by Salome Skhirtladze and Lili Dadiani


The Concept of the Project:

Georgia is the country, where traditions play a very important role. We try to study relationships of the modern Georgians with the half mythical past and very real present. In our opinion, many Georgians cannot process their present without relating to the past. The answers in our project are taken from the real examples and put into context.

We see this relationship of past and present very important not only for Georgia, but for the whole Caucasus. The Caucasus countries share the mix of Postsoviet and older, deeply rooted patriarchal traditions. During the communist times the individual had to step back and give way to the community. One way people sought to reassert their individuality was through taking pride in their traditions and ancestors. The tendency persists even after some time has passed since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the individuality is no longer suppressed by the state.